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In this and the following articles we will see the different options that come "standard" with our beloved Forex robot, possibly the best ever programmed.

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MT4 from your cell phone

In this article we will see...

Initial configuration in Meta Trader 4

It is very easy to put Ducibus Pro to work in MetaTrader 4.

The first thing to do is to navigate to the MetaTrader options (Menu->Tools->Options) or CTRL + O and check the Enable automatic trading and Enable DLL import checkboxes in the Expert Advisors tab.


Enable Automatic Trading and DLL
You will find these options in the menu Tools-->Options-->"Expert Advisors" tab.

Loading and downloading Ducibus Pro on a chart

All you have to do is open the chart of a pair of your choice. To do this, click the icon corresponding to add new chart or navigate to the MetaTrader 4 menu File->New Chart and select the Forex pair you want to use, such as EURUSD.

Then right click on the graphic and select Template->Ducibuspro_template

Ready, your Ducibus will start.

ImportantIf you have already used an Expert Advisor, you will be used to load them from the browser's expert advisors. Don't do it this way.

You will have to repeat this process for each pair you want to use Ducibus Pro with.

The bot download process is as simple as closing the bot control panel window.

ImportantDucibus Pro download is done by closing its window. Do not download it from the graph as you would any other Expert Advisor.

Load ducibus pro template
As simple as right-clicking on the graphic, select Template-->Ducibuspro_template

Ducibus Pro Control Panel

Ducibus Pro Control Panel
This is our control panel. Our command center for all Ducibus Pro options.

Once Ducibus Pro is installed in our MetaTrader 4, every time we start it and after a brief introduction, its control panel will appear.

The control panel contains all the information you need to operate and control the robot. Without leaving it, you can operate, open and close operations automatically and manually.

It may seem very complex at first, but believe us, it is much simpler and more versatile than using MetaTrader 4 itself.

General information

At all times, regardless of the tab you are in, you will have access to general information.

General information - operational
Here you can monitor the status of your general operations at any time.


This indicates the amount of money currently in open operations. This is important information, as it lets you know the risk that is being assumed for the totality of your operations. It can be either positive or negative.


Here it will show you the profit you have made for the day.


This is the total amount of money you have in your account. Each time a positive trade is closed, it will increase. If a negative one is closed, it will decrease.


This is the maximum negative float that the pair has had since the bot was started. If for some reason you restart MT4, the drawdown will return to 0 and will only take into account new drawdowns.


Displays the current spread of the selected pair expressed in ticks. Remember that the spread is the price that exists between the bid price and the ask price, i.e. between the BID and the ASK.


It informs you of the price of each tick expressed in the base currency of your trading account. Remember that a tick is the minimum movement that can occur in the market.


Reports the swap price for purchases in the selected asset. It is a commission charged by all brokers. If the price is positive, you will earn for keeping trades open overnight. If it is negative, it will be discounted. This price is expressed per lot, i.e. per 100,000 units of the asset.


It is the same as the SWAP BUYs but for sale operations.


It is an indicator of the risk of your account. It is not actually measuring the free margin, which would be the money that is not being used, but the MARGIN LEVEL, which is a formula that allows you to know in which risk situation you are in. It is measured in percentages. In the case of Ducibus Pro, if it falls below 1000% it is a good time to take manual containment measures.


You know what lizards do when they feel in danger? Yes, they drop their tails. 

In this case it is a parameter that we can configure in Ducibus Pro. It consists of indicating to the bot how much maximum capital we are willing to assume as a floating loss (FLOAT). At that point, the bot will close all trades on the pair.

This indicator expresses in percentage the situation of the pair with respect to the Lacerta Cauda parameter that we may have assigned to it. 

Trend and slack indicator

Trend and slack indicator

Trend and slack indicator

You will see it represented by a semicircle with an arrow on the right side of the general information panel.

Indicates the current trend of the pair for Ducibus Pro trading purposes. It is based on internal calculations and is just another indicator used by Ducibus Pro in its regular trading.

The HOLGURA parameter has also been added to this indicator, which will be explained later.

Depending on the color of the indicator and its arrow, it will have one meaning or another and will affect the way the robot operates.

Pair information, type of operation and algorithms

General information - operationsAs you can see, on the left side of the panel, you can find the following information:

Current pair information

In the case of the image, the traded pair is NZDJPY and the account is DEMO. You will see other information depending on whether the market is open or closed, if there is a Ducibus connection with our server. Each information will be shown in a different color.

Algorithm information and manual operation

Each algorithm, with its name to identify it and the manual operation you carry in the pair will be displayed on that line.


It's our Julius Caesar algorithm. You'll get to know it.


Known as Alexander Magnus or Alexander the Great, he is the second of our warlords.


Hannibal Barca is the third general of our three algorithms that make up Ducibus Pro.


In this line you can monitor the trades you have opened without using Ducibus Pro directly on the chart.


The totalized information of the described sections is shown here.

Message tape

Security checks and message checks will be performed as soon as the panel is started and with some frequency.

If everything went well, the appearance will be similar to the previous image. However, different messages may appear at the bottom of the panel:

Error messages

You will distinguish it because they appear in color RED

Something happens that is not foreseen, so Ducibus Pro will not work. An action by the user is required, so follow the on-screen instructions, go to the Ducibus Pro FAQ or ask in the Telegram groups to solve it.

Remember that if you do not resolve the error, your Ducibus Pro will not work or will stop working at the end of the current cycles.

ERROR message
This is what the ERROR messages look like

Warning messages

You will see them appear in color BLUE.

These are information or NOTICE messages that will inform you about issues that may be of interest to you. Pay attention to these messages, because they are important.

You can dismiss the message by right-clicking on it and it will disappear forever.

NOTICE message
This is what a NOTICE message looks like

Other messages

They are informative messages of no great significance and have no color.

You can find messages like this:
"Hold on a moment, connecting to MetaTrader" or others like "Hello, my name is Íñigo Montoya, get ready to die". In any case, nobody is going to die, but as a joke it would be nice, wouldn't it?

You can also dismiss the message by right-clicking on it. It will not appear again.

Message box

Ducibus Pro messages stop appearing when they have passed through the message tape 3 times. 

If you have not discarded it, an envelope will appear in the lower right corner of the panel. You can click it to view the message and then discard it with the right mouse button.

You have a message
You have an unread message, do you want to open it? Click on it.

Too much information? Don't worry, you'll soon be handling all these concepts as if you've been using them all your life.

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