Copytrading Ducibus Pro U-Boot

Do you want to know what is and how does our Ducibus Pro U-Boot Copy Trading System work? This is the right place for you.

You can take a look at the video that David Sanchez has prepared. If you want to know more, read on.

If you have any doubts about the process, do not hesitate to contact us at contact our support. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Ducibus Pro U-Boot Social Trading Guide and Account Validation

What is Ducibus Pro U-Boot?

Ducibus Pro U-Boot is a system designed for copytrading managed by the company.

The system allows you to copy one of our accounts on which we use our free Ducibus Pro product, with no VPS costs, no need to manage the robot, no prior knowledge and no need to keep an eye on the chart.

Features of the Ducibus Pro U-Boot copytrading system

  • It uses the Ducibus Pro algorithmic trading tool.
  • It uses the most advisable sets according to the investment asset and the market situation.
  • It is a semi-automatic strategy. The bot is launched automatically, but some operations are often handled manually.

Registration process in social trading Ducibus Pro U-Boot 4 pairs

To operate with products it is necessary to register an account in RoboForex with our Agent ID, which allows us to continue offering you products for free.

If you have any doubts, we leave you a guide with the complete RoboForex registration process.

The decision of which currency to use for account funding is yours, but we will give you a couple of clues as to what it means to use Cryptocurrencies vs Fiat and how it can affect your strategy.

The U-Boot master account works in dollars, so if you want the copy to be as perfect as possible, your account can also be funded in dollars (USD). This way you ensure a 1:1 copy without any complications. Using dollars as the base currency of your Centavo account is the most recommended configuration for the copy.

If your investment money comes from cryptocurrencies, remember that RoboForex supports crypto as a means of funding accounts. The exchange is performed by RoboForex fully automatically, applying its own exchange rate. 

You should not use crypto accounts to copy U-Boot. However, if this is your decision, you should you will need to ensure that your account maintains the dollar value proportional to the master account.

Once you have made your decision, open your ProCent account at RoboForex as explained below.

Register a new account Real Pro-Cent in RoboForex affiliated with us in the base currency you have chosen based on your strategy (crypto or fiat). You can follow this link to do so or make sure that the account is linked to the Affiliation code "unfg"..

You should not use Pro-Standard accounts. They have no advantage over Pro-Cent and require multiplying the minimum recommended capital X100 (minimum 10.000$/Eur).

Accounts of the type ECN or Prime, will not be admitted in the social copy Prometeo, except that you have previously communicated with our support and there is a compelling reason for it.

Set the leverage to 1:1000.

The U-Boot system requires, in its current configuration, at least 140$/Eur minimum investment in Cent. accounts. 

To anchor, at Roboforex, you can navigate to

Select the account you have just created from the drop-down menu above, select the deposit mode (bank transfer, cryptocurrency, credit card or other). You can also fund from the wallet that RoboForex automatically creates for you during registration.

It is not advisable to use any bonus..

Enter the amount you are going to transfer to the new account created and click on the Deposit funds. Follow the on-screen instructions and your account will be funded.

If you are going to invest more than 10,000$it is recommended that you first talk to our support in case it is convenient for you to use another type of account.

Apply for U-Boot copy trading through the CopyFX system of RoboForex broker.Make sure that the account you are going to start copying is selected in your RoboForex area. If you have just completed the account registration and funding process, it should already be selected.

Leave the default parameters on the web, such as proportionality or the type of copytrading you are going to perform. These parameters should not be changed If you are not very clear about what you are doing, you could be incurring more risk than the U-Boot account. If what you are looking for is a higher yield at the cost of assuming a higher risk, we have other options that surely fit this profile. To make a copy proportional to the balance you have in your account, you don't need to touch anything else. This is the configuration you should have.
Copytrading trades copy mode settings

This is how your copy configuration should look like if you haven't changed anything

Validate your account for social trading Ducibus Pro U-Boot

In order to validate an account in our system, you need to log in first.

You can use the buttons to login or register from your social networks or use your name/email and password.

Contact us!

We review applications on a regular basis. If you meet the requirements, we will accept you into the investment manually.

Notify us at our Telegram support so that we can speed up the manual validation process. Just open the link and tell us that you have registered account number XXXXXXX in the product, we will also add you at Telegram private group where the evolution of copytrading will be followed.