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The best forex robot 2019

the best DE forex robot

As of 2019 until today, our Forex EA is the best automatic trading robot for MetaTrader. We don't say so. See for yourself.

Totally free

Completely free

Test the best Free Expert Advisor for MetaTrader. Our accounts are public, our backtestings too. Don't pay for something we're going to give you for free and without comissions!.

Make money in Forex

Earn money in Forex

If you want to invest in Forex, request your free bot, follow our instructions, join our community and start earning money in Forex from today.



We respond to our clients' need for R&D of automatic investment products. Our bots are our own creation, exclusive to our users.


Why is it the best Forex robot?

We know what other algorithmic trading robots do and we have improved it.
Risk/Benefit Controlled

Risk/Benefit Controlled

Manage the risk at your leisure. Our free Forex investment tool allows you absolute control over risk and profit.
Burning accounts is not an option for you neither for us.

Advanced strategies

Advanced strategies

Adapt yourself the use of the free EA for MetaTrader to the way you trade Forex and win. With our trading robot there is no limit on your operation. Work individually with each of the experts that make up the potential of a general strategy designed to unite all the combined power of the algorithms.

Make money in Forex

Quality and price

Competitor Forex robots are light years ahead of Ducibus Bot in configuration, operation, SECURITY, performance, optimization and risk management.
We improve them all and we do it for free, without promotions neither affiliate accounts with increased spreads. Without limits.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed

Use the best automatic free trading system free of charge and without paying extra commissions. It will take you to the next level of earnings in a safe and constant way. Your money will always be in your possession and far away from pyramid schemes. Our accounts are public, our backtesting of top quality modeling and configurations, too.

Learn Forex

Learn Forex while you win

In our community you will learn to trade Forex while using your Expert Advisor with MetaTrader. Accelerate your learning curve while getting performance from the market. Meet other traders like you and aks your doubts to the bot creators.


Unlimited demo account

Try Ducibus Pro on unlimited demo accounts of the broker of your choice. Make your own backtesting of the predefined strategies or invent your own. Find out how to get the most out of the bot before investing your money in Forex. decide before operating in real if the type of operation, risk/benefit and leverage meets your needs.

Constant updates

Stop paying for a tool that, over the months, becomes unusable due to changing market conditions. Our team is optimizing and updating the code 24/7, adding functionality to the Expert Advisor and designing new investment strategies for all types of profiles, adapting the default configurations to market conditions and performing hundreds and thousands of backtestings with historical data of maximum quality to check that everything works fine.
And all this is absolutely free.

Total transparency

Our income comes from regulated brokers where we will ask you to operate. We only act as business intermediaries. You will continue to pay exactly the same commission to the broker as if you opened an account without a sponsor link.
We will never ask you to open affiliated accounts with increased spreads.

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Totally free

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About us is a group of investors, engineers, marketing experts and entrepreneurs. We have taken algorithmic trading based on expert advisors for MetaTrader to a higher level for the pocket of the retailer investor.

We have tested countless products and have decided to create our own code to obtain the best Expert Advisor on the market. For free!

Our investment tools allow you to monetize investments as low as 10 $/ÔéČ in the following ways reliablesolid and constant.┬á

We learn every day with our Forex captains. Join join our community and start using our investment tools completely free of charge and without paying extra commissions at the broker.


Want to know more?

Join our public Telegram community. Join now and openly ask any questions. We ourselves or people who already know our groups will answer any questions you may have. Then the choice is yours.
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Botvesting - The best automatic trading robot 2019.

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Our products

We have products tailored to the needs of each type of investor. Soon you will see right here other products we are developing.

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