Do you know the risks?

Know the risks

Trading in foreign exchange, CFDs or any financial instrument on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be appropriate for all investors. Before deciding to trade any of our products, carefully analyze your investment objectives, level of experience and risk tolerance. It is possible to lose part or all of the invested capital, no one is free from it. Therefore, we recommend that you do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading in foreign exchange or any other financial market. If in doubt, seek the advice of an independent financial advisor.

The investment forms and tools we present to you do not imply a promise of profitability, nor do we offer a certainty of profit. Forex is a zero-sum market, which means that when someone is winning, someone else is losing. Our intention is to be on the winning side of the scale, but it is not something we will ever promise. To do otherwise would not be responsible.

None of the information contained in this website is or should be taken as advice on how you should invest your money because your money is yours and no one else's. We only tell you how we are doing it and how you can do it the same way we do it. We only tell you how we are doing it and how you can do it the same way we do it. We may win or lose, but we will be the ones doing it. If you do the same, you will also win or lose.

We are not going to disappear because we are wrong, because we believe in financial freedom and we believe that we can beat the market with the necessary pips to achieve it. It is a difficult road, but we believe in our capabilities and knowledge.

Investing in Forex is investing in risk. Never risk more than you are consciously willing to lose. No matter how nice and safe an investment may look, investing is always about risk. Anything else is a siren's song.

If you don't understand the risk of investing, ask us and we will tell you our experience. We have won and we have also lost. Our balance sheet is positive so far but could change in the future. We are not fortune tellers and we base our own investments on analysis of our own or other people's products. We try to stay informed and constantly improve our products through engineering, research and development, but that does not make us infallible and we have proof of that.

Never, ever, invest money that you don't have or whose loss would be a serious problem for you.

If after understanding this you want to invest in our products, you are welcome. If you don't understand, ask questions or get advice, when you do, come back here in case you are interested in any of our opportunities or tools.

Leverage risk

Investing in financial markets, especially those with high leverage (the higher the leverage, the higher the risk), carry a very high level of risk. Therefore, they are generally not suitable for most retail investors.

Execution risk

Execution risk is related to the fact that transactions are not executed immediately, but between the time orders are placed in the market and the time they are executed, a certain amount of time may elapse and produce slippage or slippage of the price. This could mean that the price at which an asset is intended to be traded and the price at which it is finally traded may be different.

Risks of Internet trading

There are risks associated with using an automated trading system that executes trades over the Internet. Among the risks are possible hardware, software or Internet connection failures. Since has no control over the quality of the Internet signal you use, nor over the configuration of your equipment or the reliability of your connection, we cannot assume any responsibility for any failures, distortions or delays in communication that may occur during Internet trading with our products.

Assume your responsibility. Take your risk.

If you make use of any of the services we offer on this website, you acknowledge that you have read and acknowledge these risks, you acknowledge and declare that you have read and understood the following statements and that you accept them without reservation:

  • The value of the financial instrument (including currency pairs, CFD or any other derivative product) may be reduced and you, as a client, may receive less than the amount invested. The value of the financial instrument may fluctuate greatly.
  • Information on the historical performance of a financial instrument, an investment system or a tool in the form of software does not guarantee its present or future performance. The use of historical data that you will see on this page does not in any way constitute a guaranteed or binding forecast of the future performance of the financial instruments, systems or tools to which such data refers.
  • A financial instrument traded in foreign markets may involve risks different from those customary in the markets of your country of residence. The prospects of profit or loss from transactions in foreign markets also depend on exchange rate fluctuations.