Social trading

Copy trading is a simple form of social investment or social trading. You can invest profitably like a professional trader without having a clue.

How? Copy our professional traders and take advantage of their knowledge of the markets to earn money passively. Apply capital management strategies* wisely to your copytrading and you will be able to obtain higher profits.

Copytrading Prometeo


We offer you another type of investment in an algorithmic robot made by mathematicians and optimized in our R&D laboratory. 5 years of work and dedication for a professional product. Our most balanced product in terms of performance and safety.

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With a 30% maximum allowable drawdown and an estimated 100% annual compound interest return growth, Prometheus is our most stable and smooth product.
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Fenix Copytrading


Based on Prometheus algorithms, Fenix is designed to maintain sustained growth, with very substantial returns of approximately 270% per annum and a conservative stop loss setting.

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Check the results of this copytrading system based on unique algorithms. Risk control with a Stop Loss with which we expect a growth of 270% per year.
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Banzai copytrading


Based on Prometheus algorithms but using an aggressive setup, Banzai targets strong growth of approximately 600% annually and risk adjustment in the form of Stop Loss of a 40%.

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Check the results of this copytrading system based on unique algorithms. Control your risk with a Stop Loss with which we expect a growth of 600% per year.
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Kamikaze copytrading


The most aggressive of the configurations based on Prometheus algorithms. It expects a return that could reach 3200% per year and includes aggressive risk adjustment in the form of Stop Loss.

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Check the results of this copytrading system based on unique algorithms. Maximum profit of 3200% per year with a more aggressive trade management without giving up risk control through a Stop Loss.
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RoboForex CopyFX

Do you want to earn money without investing anything?

You can earn a lot of money without investing a single cent thanks to RoboForex's CopyFX affiliate program.

Affiliation program

It's simple. Attract investors to our products and take 25% of the profits.
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Fully automatic

Your investment is made automatically, without the need for your attention. The system copies the investments we make. You won't have to do anything but withdraw profits.

Professional investors

We are investment professionals. Our trading is public and audited. You can check our investment in real time through external platforms such as FXBlue.

Strong community

We have an open community. Interact with other investors, ask questions and share your experiences and opinions. Any investor profile is welcome to join our club.

We develop our strategies in a professional manner, guaranteeing that the process is carried out using the necessary techniques, tools and knowledge that allow the stable growth of your investor account. Returns are variable depending on the product you choose and the capital management strategy, such as compound interest* or other more conservative strategies, can be increased.

*You should only consider the possibility of applying compound interest to those strategies in which we expressly indicate it.

Earn money without investing

RoboForex CopyFX

RoboForex's affiliate system allows you to benefit from commissions for attracting investors to our social trading investment systems.

We offer 25% of our income if you attract new investors. As easy as pushing a button.

How does the RoboForex Trader Affiliation System work?

It's very simple, you just have to get an affiliate link and pass it to the investors. They will follow the link to subscribe to our copy and you will automatically benefit from the commission we offer.

Here you can review how the system works. RoboForex traders affiliate program.Ā 

David SƔnchez explains in a simple way how to do it in the following video.

Reproducir video acerca de U-Boot copytrading


Our most frequently asked questions

Of course it does not. When you sign up for copy trading, the system invests proportionally to the money you have invested.

For example: if you have 120 euros, and the copy product is working with 1200 dollars, when 50 dollars are invested in the parent account, your account will invest 5 euros.

However, the minimum deposit supported by the copytrading platform for copying signals is 100$.

In addition, depending on the product chosen, there are minimums to be able to enter a social trading. Find out in each product what is the minimum required.

Financial markets are not an exact science but under normal circumstances, we estimate that in less than a year. In a little more than a year and a half, your investment could have multiplied by 2 or 3 times.

How is such a large return possible? According to the product, this may be thanks to appropriate reinvestment strategies and, in general, to the considerable performance of the Social Trading accounts.

The important thing is that growth is sustained.

We advise you never to invest with money you are not willing to lose. The responsibility for an investment lies with the investor. Remember that investing in Forex is investing in risk. That said,

We offer a product, but only you decide if you want to use it. Before you invest, we are not financial advisors, look at the charts and public operations, assess the potential risk and if everything fits you, go ahead.

To enable safe and proportional copytrading and to apply compound interest to your trading, we have established rules.

As your account makes a profit, by making a proportional copy, your investment will use the money you leave from the profit to increase the investment amount proportionally.

Every $10 (or Euro, or Milibitcoins, or whatever base currency you use) that your equity increases, new market entries will be increased proportionally by 0.01 lots.

However, we will not tire of telling you that you should not apply pure compound interest strategies. It is preferable that you make profits and, when you want, increase the capital you consider.

All you have to do is create a trading accountdeposit the amount of your investment and request the corresponding copytrading with a click.

You must then fill in the form corresponding to your social trading investment so that we are aware of who has made the request.

Once your application is accepted, you will be copying everything the trader does to the master account.

You can see the complete process here.

No, none. You can withdraw your money whenever you want, with no commitment and no strings attached.

You decide how, when and with how much money to do it. That's why you can withdraw at any time.

Please note that if you have open operations, you will not be able to withdraw the balance corresponding to those operations until you close them!

Basically, you have to follow a few simple steps, which you can see below. here.

The service is free of charge. No upfront payment is required.

We automatically take a fraction of the profit generated in your account. There are no additional fees or charges. We charge for success only. If we are not able to generate profit, we lose our share. It's as simple as that.

In order to ensure proportionality in the copy, minimums are established according to the product chosen.

It is advisable that before you start investing a larger amount of money, you should try a small amount of money. We are so sure that you will like this passive form of investment that you will have time to increase the balance of your account.

Yes, you can. And it's a good way to invest for anyone who has bitcoin in their long-term investment portfolio. We ourselves are investing a good portion of our cryptocurrency portfolio doing copytrading.

If you decide to invest with Bitcoin and the price goes up, you will be increasing the value of your portfolio. But if the price of Bitcoin goes down, you will be increasing your Satoshis.

But be careful! If the price goes down, you could also put your investment at risk. In that case, you would need to contribute the difference in price vs. dollar to the account.

It is more advisable to fund your trading accounts in dollars and withdraw to the broker's Bitcoin wallet. This way you will not be taking any extra risk.

About social trading

Social Trading is a form of passive investment that consists of copying the operations of someone who has more experience than you in the markets.

You deposit money into a trading account and request a copy. The administrators of the service authorize the copy. From that moment on, your money will behave in the market like that of the investor who is behind the trading of the master account.

Behind every copy trading product there is a person, either managing the market positions manually or managing a robot or expert advisor (or a set of them) created by ourselves, tested and optimized for this type of investment.

Each product has its own investment and operating conditions, so if you are interested in investing in a particular product, read the available information before blindly jumping into investing. 

We have different social trading products. According to the system in which you copy, the operations will be protected or not by Stop Loss and according to the underlying strategy, they will also have Take Profit in each of the orders. They could be fixed or dynamic, based on technical arguments in your strategy. Sometimes partial closes could be performed, ensuring a minimum profit and letting the price run in favor.

We also have systems that do not use Stop Loss. Ask any questions you may have before assuming anything.

During copy trading, the investor cannot see neither the Stop Loss nor the Take Profit. This is because the broker hides this information to protect the strategy. However, at any time, you can ask us to verify that any order has its corresponding Stop Loss and Take Profit. We will be happy to show you a recent screenshot where you can see that your trades are under control.