Investments in financial assets, especially those that make use of a high leverageis a high risk for the investor. So much so that you could lose everything money invested if you don't have a good understanding of what you are doing.

You should never invest more money than you are willing to lose in case everything goes wrong. Nor should you ever put at risk the money you count on for your day-to-day living and living expenses.

We do not offer investment advice

We offer free of charge information necessary for the use of our tools. It is based on our knowledge and experience, as well as on the experience transmitted by our community of users and in no moment it supposes nor can it suppose a recommendation of investment, activity legally reserved to certain legal entities with legal capacity for it. It is important that you know the risks of this activity before embarking on the adventure of trading in financial markets.

You are the only person responsible for your money and you alone decide how to manage it.. We only offer you tools that work for us for investing in financial markets, we tell you about our experience, we put you in contact with a community with the same interests as yours and ours, and we try to explain how we work with each of our products.

Do your own research on everything you hear, don't believe anyone, not even us.. Because it is your money that you put at stake every time you enter a market and therefore the responsibility is yours and yours alone.

Copytrading or Social Trading

We currently manage several copytrading accounts. All accounts offered in Trading Social are funded with company money.

Each account under our supervision is audited through external sites dedicated to this purpose, such as o We have no control over or contractual relationship with these websites and cannot be responsible for the performance of the audits, the frequency with which they are updated or whether they show accurate results for the audited accounts.

The conditions to subscribe and benefit from a copytrading account are decided by the company and may vary from one copy modality to another, as well as from one broker to another. These could vary from having to do it from an affiliated account with us, to the percentage of commission we will charge for offering the service.

The company reserves the right to disconnect any user from copytrading who does not comply with the initial conditions if the user modifies them during the period in which he/she is subscribed to copytrading, such as changing the membership of an account or using tools that replicate the operation for a lucrative use outside the company.

Some of the copytrading services we offer are based on the use of automatic tools, such as Ducibus bot and are managed by the staff of Proinvesting Associates S.L. We will try to do our best to keep these accounts healthy and with a controlled risk/profit ratio. To this end, manual interventions are made at certain times when the trader deems it necessary.

Other accounts offered in our copytrading products are operated by external agents and are aimed at individuals who want to diversify their investments in financial products, mainly in the medium and long term.

Subscribing to copytrading does not require any knowledge of financial markets, although it is convenient to be aware at all times of what you are doing when you make an investment. We can explain in detail each of these investments and we wish to do so.

Traders have been selected by us based on their personal track record, direct observation of their trading style, fundamental knowledge of the strategies they employ in the use of Stop Loss and Take Profit, partial closes, leverage, partial or total drawdown, timeframes traded, pairs traded and many other factors that we consider important before making the decision to trade with a broker outside our organization.

In both types of copytrading, a percentage is charged on the profit generated to the client - and only on the profit - obtained from the operation. This percentage covers needs such as company expenses, personnel, commissions to third party intermediaries and research of new products.

In any case, the client, at all times, has absolute control over his accounts, as well as his money. In no case do we have access to your account and it is the broker itself who makes the adjustment of the percentages charged, all with its rules, which can be consulted at any time on the page of the corresponding broker.

Remember that if you join a copytrading, you have no commitment, neither of permanence, nor of withdrawals, nor of promoting the product in any way, except those that are expressly defined with each product or those that depend on the rules imposed by the broker.

Automatic tools

Investing through the use of automated tools requires some technical skills and knowledge of the Forex market. Before making any investment with our tools, we ask you to read and understand the information related to the product, as well as the documents that may be associated with it. We also recommend that before investing, you understand how this market works.

Proinvesting Associates S.L. is not responsible for the use of the free or paid tools we offer, nor for the results obtained with these tools. If you have doubts about the use and configurations, ask us and we will give you our opinion based on our experience, knowledge of the market and the operation of any of the available tools.

Remember that information is invaluable and that you are the best and most effective filter of existing information.

All the tools that we offer and their code, are property of Proinvesting Associates S.L. or we have acquired the corresponding permissions or licenses of use and distribution. Our proprietary tools have had a development cost and also have maintenance and updating costs. Any violation of the code, manipulation, alteration or fraudulent use without the express and written authorization of the company or its proxies, is a violation of the law and as such will be duly denounced and prosecuted.

Before investing your real money with a robot, expert advisor, bot or whatever you want to call it, you should test its operation in a demo account for free. You can also request information in our communication channels and social networks or directly in the account of Botvesting Supportwhere you can talk to us.