All for free. Why?

You're probably wondering what a company that makes it easy for all its services free of charge and this is a good question that we are going to solve for you.


In case it is not clear to you, at botvesting we are offering you, among other things, the following:

  • A fantastic forex robot with unthinkable technology for a trading robot, such as Ducibus Pro.
  • 24/7 support in our information and support channels so you can ask any questions you may have.
  • Continuous training, so necessary to operate in the financial markets. With it, any user can start investing in this complex market. If you are one of those who already operate, you will be able to notice a substantial improvement in your profits.
  • An incredible community, with people who, like you, have become interested in our tools and are now more than users, they are friends.

Cost-opportunity model

To offer all this and to face the expenses that any company has, supposes for us high costs when the raison d'être of a company is not to lose, but to earn money.

And of course, we want to make money. In fact, we would like to make a lot of money.

Tell me your secret

The secret is that we are an innovative start-up and in this day and age, you are either one of a kind or doomed to failure.

In order to position ourselves in the market and reach as many people as possible, we have had to break with the conventional way of doing things.

At botvesting, we want to reach everyone and this is the backbone of our business model.

Some of our history

When we begin our journey in these worlds of trading with investment automatisms, we are faced with a harsh reality:

The market was already full of people selling their miraculous - and useless - tools for significant amounts of money. They couldn't even test them before paying.

That was within the reach of few pockets, but we gathered a few of us to try our luck. And so, we were the first to take this bait because they say that what you don't pay for, has no value. But it is a LIE. Of course, we lost time and money, but we gained invaluable knowledge and experience that set our course.

From investor to service company

We saw that we could do things very differently without giving up our share of the benefit. Nobody was doing it, so that was our opportunity. The cost was to bear the financial burden that was going to be involved.

But we did it!

Is everything really free?

We will explain why we give everything for free and still make money as a company, it's not hard to understand.

Our income comes from brokers, which as you may know, are the intermediaries necessary to operate in the markets. These large companies make money every time one of their clients invests, whether they win or lose...

Well, we will make money too when you invest in the market because the broker will give us a small fraction of their own profit for making you use their services thanks to their own affiliate model. All this will happen at NO EXTRA COST to you.

Until that happens, you can test our tools without obligation and decide if you are interested or if you pass. You can't ask for more transparency.

Botvesting is synonymous with quality

Obviously, if we do not offer you a top quality tool, you will stop using our free products and services and then, we will lose our source of income.

We have been victims, like many people who approach the investment world, of scams of all kinds, so it is a premise of our commitment that we will never have access to your money.

Our payer is the broker and this company, like all of them, is interested in your continued trading, they will earn money and we will be paid our commission.

As an added value, because we are a serious company that responds to our clients, we provide special conditions that are applied directly to your account.

Of course, the broker is also synonymous with quality. That is why we use one that we will ask you to work with if you use our tools. This broker is fully regulated for this activity, has an optimal quality and has been operating for many years. In addition, the commissions it charges are quite well adjusted.

We have been working with them for a long time and they offer quality customer service.

And by the way, apart from dollars or Euros among other conventional currencies, you can use Bitcoin or Ethereum, both to deposit money and to withdraw it from your brokerage accounts, and use it as if it were another conventional currency in your operations.


What is a win-win?

A win-win is a contract model that allows the agreeing parties to win-win. And this is exactly what our business model is all about.

Do you think this is a fair deal?

We want to make money without you having to pay absolutely nothing for it and that's fine. Having others pay for the use you make of our services is a much better option, don't you think?

Thanks to the quality of our products and services, you will be able to tell others about your experience and word of mouth will be our best source of income.

For us, this is what a win-win is all about and for you it should be too. And that's great...