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Whether you are a discretionary or algorithmic trader, Ducibus Pro is a tool you should not miss out on.

Read on, because on this page you will find all the information you need to get your Ducibus Pro for free whenever you want.

If you want, you can follow this video tutorial where David Sanchez tells you the process of how you can have the best Forex robot working for you in just 2 minutes.

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We have specific configurations for each of the algorithms obtained fromhe calculation by quantitative optimization of sets with positive statistical expectation in each of the pairs that are part of Ducibus Pro.

These portfolios are designed for different account types and have variations in terms of the assets they include and the minimum recommended balances to trade effectively. Each portfolio is configured to trade certain currency pairs and has historical performance shown in terms of annual returns, recommended balance, and other statistical factors.

In this link we show you all Ducibus Pro Portfolios so that you can study and choose the ones that most interest you according to your objective.

We leave you the complete information of the last available portfolio for 6 pairs, where you can see the statistics in backtest and the behavior that we expect Ducibus Pro to have.

Investment portfolio 1 Ducibus Pro

Investment portfolio 1 Ducibus Pro

You can access the report by clicking on the image.

Investment portfolios or portfolios with Ducibus Pro

In this Ducibus Pro video, you will discover how we optimize investment portfolios using advanced algorithms and quantitative analysis. We will explore key concepts such as Recovery Factor and risk, and show you the 14 available portfolios and their composition. We will analyze estimated returns and answer the question of which is the best portfolio. Don't miss out and get ready to learn how to achieve extraordinary returns on your investments with Ducibus Pro!

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Opinions and testimonials about Ducibus Pro

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. In our case, the most value we can show is the opinions of our users about Ducibus Pro. All of them are made on public and private Telegram channels.

Actual results of Ducibus Pro

Among many other things, Ducibus Pro allows you to capture those wonderful moments where we need to communicate to our acquaintances a news, something that makes us happy, such as a daily benefit... We have hundreds of testimonials in the form of profits, but we leave you a preview. You can check it out, just join our open Telegram groups.

Frequently asked questions about Ducibus Pro

The The free Expert Advisor Ducibus Pro is a robotbot, expert advisor, automated system, software or computer program for the trading platform or investment in financial assets MetaTrader 4which uses more or less complex algorithms and works automatically, manually or mixed, depending on the needs of each trader.

At automatic modeDucibus Pro is used to invest in the Forex market and thanks to its versatility, it allows you to generate significant income on a constant basis with little or no user intervention.

At manual modeDucibus Pro can be used with any financial asset that is included in the broker.

In short, Ducibus Pro is an automatic trading tool based on an investment strategy. Its algorithms allow it, once in operation, to make autonomous decisions to buy and sell in the Forex financial instrument, which allows to obtain a passive profit.

As an automatic robot, we believe it is the best in its class. The good thing is that it is also free for anyone who wants to use it or test it.

Our Expert Advisor has a unique interface that allows you to trade our robot in the market of your choice and with the asset of your choice at the click of a button and with an infinite number of visual, statistical and economic aids. And all at the click of a button.

Among other things Ducibus Pro allows you to:

  • View the main supports and resistances on the chart in different timeframes at the same time with a simple click.
  • Automatically draw and trade on trend lines, supports, resistances or key points where you consider the opportunity to enter a trade.
  • Control your position management with partial closes of one order, several orders of the same pair or the whole account with two clicks.
  • Open new orders with a click or with a previous setup that you define.
  • To know on the graph how much time the candle has left.
  • Manage your Stop Loss and Take Profit based on percentages or specific figures while painting it on the screen or moving it with the mouse.
  • Control at all times where the break even of your operations is.
  • Monitor market opening and closing times, news, profit curve and equity drawdown.
  • Capture your daily benefits in a fantastic image format to spread them through your social networks.
  • And much, much more...
  • order stacking, absolute control of equity, logging, sessions, news, schedules, news, schedules

Have you ever wondered where you have the break even of an asset's trading cycle?

We came up with the name Ducibus one day when, while trading in the Forex market, someone said something like "Forex is war!". Luis, the first programmer of Ducibus and CEO of the company, decided to baptize it as "Ducibus". In Latin it is pronounced [dukibus]although few say it well. Since its inception, we have treated Ducibus as "the Leader" - which is what it means in Latin - who commands our trading accounts at the forefront of the Forex battle.

Each of the algorithms that compose it are our "warlords" and, as we are a bit geeky, we have named the algorithms after great strategists of history: Hannibal Barca, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar.

Any investor who wants to generate passive income In the world's largest and most liquid foreign exchange market - Forex - you can use Ducibus Pro, regardless of your knowledge. However, the use of our free bot requires some previous knowledge.

We provide the tools and training to Ducibus Pro users so that they can get the best possible performance out of the program. We calculate the profitability so that there is always a ratio that allows the highest profit with the lowest possible risk. And that is exactly how we will explain it to you if you decide to use our software.

Ducibus is programmed in MetaQuotes Language mql, a trading strategy programming language for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform. It is based on the C++ programming language.

Ducibus operates with three different and highly configurable algorithms at the same time. You could say that Ducibus is composed of 3 independent Expert Advisors that operate on any asset or Forex pair.

Each of the algorithms, or "warlords", can be activated or deactivated individually, as well as configured with parameters unique to that algorithm. Each of the three makes its decisions autonomously.

In addition to being independent, we have programmed different trading modes in which we seek an appropriate relationship between the algorithms, so that the Risk / Profit factor is as adjusted as possible to the user's needs. These general Ducibus modes allow the implementation of combined strategies of higher or lower risk, depending on the capital with which the user trades, the user's risk aversion and his experience as a trader.

Ducibus, therefore, allows infinite configuration possibilities and gives the user almost absolute control over its parameters and possibilities, according to their tastes, needs, capitalization and risk aversion.

Want the best free Forex bot? Just a few simple steps take you away from starting Forex trading with our free Ducibus Pro bot.

And no, we will not ask you for moneybecause our bot is free of charge. We are not promoting or selling you smoke. We don't even lose money by putting it in your hand for free. Don't worry, we will also explain why we we give for free what others sell you for significant sums of money.

In that case, you will have to pay for a license to use Ducibus Pro.

The license is for one year from the moment of activation and costs 999 Euros if you are going to use it in your usual broker or 799 Euros if you are going to use it in RoboForex with ECN or Prime accounts.

If you are interested, we can also offer you a discount for the purchase of more than one license.

Ask our Telegram Support o send us your inquiry if you need a license to use it.

Quantitative data of Ducibus Pro

You will be surprised, but the data shown in the images are the result of Ducibus Pro's quantitative optimization work for its automatic mode.

Steps to get Ducibus Pro for free

Whether you want to get Ducibus Pro to use it for free in manual, automatic, semi-automatic trading assistant, real account or demo, you need to follow a few simple steps that basically consist of opening a broker account affiliated with us through an affiliate link or by inserting the code "unfg" when you open your account.

Once this is done, you can freely use the robot on your demo accounts as well as on any affiliated RoboForex broker account.

This is the way we are able to continue offering the product for free. All brokers apply commissions to their clients' trades (spreads and/or commissions). RoboForex has an IB (Introducing Broker) or affiliation program that allows us to benefit as external partners by attracting clients to their platform. 

By affiliating the account you trade with from Ducibus Pro, the trades you make on that account provide us with a small income directly from RoboForex that comes from the commissions that the broker applies to the trade. 

You do not pay moreThe commissions, if not received by botvesting, are kept by the broker. 

To operate with products it is necessary to register an account in RoboForex with our Agent ID, which allows us to continue offering you products for free.

If you have any doubts, we leave you a guide with the complete RoboForex registration process.

The decision of which currency to use for account funding is yours, but we will give you a couple of clues as to what it means to use Cryptocurrencies vs Fiat and how it can affect your strategy.

If you are going to use a manual or mixed operation, fund your account as you prefer.You can do it with cryptocurrencies, with different fiat currencies and even with gold.

If you are going to use Ducibus Pro optimized portfolios, keep in mind that our optimizations are performed in the base currency US dollar (USD). The closer the real trading is to the optimizations and backtests of the algorithms, the closer the results on demo and live accounts will be to the optimizations. Using dollars as the base currency of your Centavo account is the most recommended configuration for Ducibus Pro.

If your investment money comes from cryptocurrencies, remember that RoboForex supports crypto as a means of funding accounts. The exchange is performed by RoboForex fully automatically, applying its own exchange rate. 

Once you have made your decision, open your ProCent account at RoboForex as explained below.

Register a new account Real Pro-Cent in RoboForex affiliated with us in the base currency you have chosen based on your strategy (crypto or fiat). You can follow this link to do so or make sure that the account is linked to the Affiliation code "unfg"..

You should not use Pro-Standard accounts. They have no advantage over Pro-Cent and require multiplying the minimum recommended capital X100.

Ducibus Pro does not support accounts of the following type ECN or Prime to trade in real for free, except that you have previously communicated with our support and there is a compelling reason for it.

Set the leverage to 1:1000.

If you are going to trade in demo you can continue to the next point without the need to fund a real account.

If you are going to operate in realyou will need to fund your trading account.

To anchor, at Roboforex, you can navigate to

Select the account you have just created from the drop-down menu above, select the deposit mode (bank transfer, cryptocurrency, credit card or other). You can also fund from the wallet that RoboForex automatically creates for you during registration.

It is not advisable to use any bonus..

Enter the amount you are going to transfer to the new account created and click on the Deposit funds. Follow the on-screen instructions and your account will be funded.

If you are going to invest more than 10,000$it is recommended that you first talk to our support in case it is convenient for you to use another type of account.

Validate your Ducibus Pro account

In order to validate an account in our system, you need to log in first.

You can use the buttons to login or register from your social networks or use your name/email and password.

Download Ducibus Pro

To download the latest production version of Ducibus Pro, you need to log in first.

You can use the buttons to login or register from your social networks or use your name/email and password.

Start operating with our Robot

The first time you connect Ducibus Pro, either in real or demo account, the Expert Advisor will check if you have the license and you can use it in your MetaTrader 4 trading platform. If there is any problem in the validation and your copy does not start and we will tell you through the robot itself or on the FAQ how to solve it.

Ducibus Pro will periodically check if the membership status of your account is maintained. Please do not change the Broker Agent ID of the account where you use Ducibus to another ID or the robot may stop working.

Also you will receive messages in MetaTrader or in your e-mail if there is a new version available for download or if there are any other circumstances that we should inform you about.

If you have any doubts about the process or if the system has not validated the accounts you affiliate with us, you can contact us at any time at this FAQ or put you in contact our support . We will be happy to answer your questions.

FAQ Ducibus Pro

ERROR messages!

Are you getting an error in the red bot info ribbon? Look for it here and find a quick solution.

You have not validated your account on the website or you have validated a product other than the one you are using.

SOLUTION: Validate your account to be able to use Ducibus Pro here.

You purchased the product with an expiration date and it has reached its expiration date. Ducibus Pro will stop working.

SOLUTION: You must renew the current license if you want to continue using it. You can contact us at Telegram.

We have deactivated this account for some reason. You should contact us through the usual channels, for example, our Telegram support @BotvestingSupport.

You have not validated the account on the web or you have done it with an error in the name or account number.

SOLUTION: Make sure to validate the account correctly. To do so, remember that the name that you must write in the validation and download form of Ducibus Pro, it must be exactly the same as the one displayed in MetaTrader4no periods, no periods, no signs. It does not matter if you write it in upper or lower case. Also verify that the account number is correct and if you are validating a Demo or Live account.

Validate your account here.

There are changes not allowed in the code of the EA or DLL. 


Have you followed the steps for the download?

Make sure not to rename the files contained in the download zip.

Reinstall Ducibus Pro.

Your MetaTrader 4 does not have DLL file import enabled.


In your MetaTrader 4, go to Tools>Options>Expert Advisors and check the checkbox: "Allow DLL import".

The account you have tried to validate is not correctly affiliated to our affiliation code or there is some other reason for the invalid account. SOLUTION: Check that you have correctly affiliated the account. If it is not, or you do not remember how you opened this account, you can send a ticket to RoboForex Support and ask them to link your account number or member area with the unfg code: "I request that you change my account affiliation to the affiliate code. unfg. Thank you very much. 

The bot is unable to contact the Botvesting website for some reason. Possible causes could be that our server is down or being upgraded or that your Windows firewall is blocking outgoing connections from your MetaTrader.


Make sure your firewall is not blocking Meta Trader.

If you have verified that everything is correct, wait a bit. Our servers are hosted with an external service and they assure us a 99% uptime. If it is for server maintenance it should not take more than a few minutes.

If the problem persists after a few minutes, get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that anyone new to Ducibus Pro should know.

Although we are making our bot safer every day and in our lab we have setups that could be working with ESMA leverage, our recommendation is that you trade Ducibus Pro with leverage between 1:500 and 1:1000.

Leverage is your ally, but you have to understand what leverage consists of and what it is used for.

Remember that the 1:2000 leverage that can be set in RoboForex is automatically lowered to 1:1000 at market close, so your trading could be in serious danger if you trade at this leverage level.

Yes, the broker with which we operate accepts deposits, withdrawals, exchanges and trading with BTC, ETH or AU. Although cryptocurrencies are very volatile assets and our recommendation is to trade in Euros or Dollars, you can also trade in milibitcoins (mBTC), miliethereum (mETH) or Gold.

If you are going to trade with BTC or ETH, we recommend you to increase the minimum amount to invest, for security.

It is also advisable that if you trade Bitcoin or Ether, you keep an eye on the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency. A sudden change in its value could jeopardize your account.

Another option is to fund your trading account with Bitcoin or Ethereum and trade it in dollars or euros. When you withdraw money to your account, you will be able to do it in the cryptocurrency of your choice automatically. This will allow for more stable and less volatile trading.

Our current presets are designed for sustainable trading on Cent (also called Micro or Cent) accounts with a minimum balance of 100$, Euro or its equivalent at the current exchange rate in mBTC (millibitcoins) or mETH (milliethereum) and minimum lot sizes of 0.01.

You can open your RoboForex account to operate under these conditions and Ducibus Pro.

With less money the risk increases considerably. You have to decide what your profile is: conservative, medium, risky or "eager".

The million dollar answer:

In backtesting, using "conservative" settings, we have averaged between 10% and 20% monthly returns. In our daily and public trading, we are obtaining similar returns.

Some daring users, who know the product well, combine Ducibus Pro with certain manual trading strategies designed for our bot. Others configure the Expert Advisor in very aggressive modes, which can help your account to reach returns higher than 100% per month, knowing that this type of trading has its days numbered and that we do not recommend it at all.

Please note that our laboratory tests are performed by professionals in the field of quantitative optimization and Artificial Intelligence of trading algorithms. Therefore, our recommended sets are based on past data analysis and do not guarantee that they will continue to work the same way in the future.

Nevertheless, we take care to keep our configurations up to date through scientific processes of quantitative analysis and recurrent optimization.

You can, but if you want to do it, you will have to pay for a license.

We operate with RoboForex because it gives us the security of leverage suitable for our bots.

In addition, our benefit comes from attracting clients to your platform. The commission that other brokers would pay us without having to charge our users does not cover the cost of covering the tool and continuing its development so that it can remain free.

On the other hand, we are happy with the way this broker manages its clients, the tools it offers us and its customer service.

Not only can you, but you should.

Keep in mind that trading in any financial market entails a certain amount of risks and that you are solely responsible for taking the risk of doing so.

Also, the best way to know if it is a product that suits you or not is to try it on a demo account.

The demo version allows you unlimited trading on demo accounts at any broker.

It is exactly the same as the real account version, so you can download it in the same way. You just need to log in to the website and go to the Ducibus Pro download.

The only difference between the two is that in order to use Ducibus Pro in real account, you must have followed a few simple steps that we will explain to you there, such as opening an account through our trusted broker where, by the way, you can also invest in cryptocurrencies.

With your demo version, you will be able to test its functionality, perform backtests and test the bot, operating it semi-automatically or taking advantage of its automatic capability using a set of sets designed by us or by yourself.

Requirements for operating Ducibus Pro

Are you going to use Ducibus Pro but don't know what you need yet?

To operate with Ducibus you will need:

  1. Open an account type Pro-Cent in RoboForexset the leverage to 1:500 or 1:1000. You can get the account by clicking on the banner. This will allow you to open an affiliate account with us, which is a prerequisite to trade Ducibus Bot for free.
  2. Validate your account and download Ducibus Pro here
  3. Learn how the bot works, the risks, configurations, etc. You can go to the articles that make up the Ducibus Pro Manual. This is essential if you want to control the risk of the investment you make with the bot.
  4. Consider whether you are going to use a VPS to keep your robot connected 24/7. Our recommendation is that you do so.
  5. It is not mandatory, but we recommend that you join our community. To do so, please contact our Telegram Support.

Unless you are going to invest with a very large capital, you should use Cent accounts (also called micro or Centavo) that allow microlots of 0.01.

If you invest with respectable amounts of money, you can also consider trading with Standard accounts with Ducibus Pro, although you will not pay less commissions and your profit will not be higher.

You can obtain such an account in the broker we use.

You can also use ECN accounts, although in that case, Ducibus Pro is not free and you will have to pay for one of the licensing plans.

However, in our tests, we concluded that Ducibus Pro makes higher profits on Cent or Standard accounts than on ECN accounts. Although the latter have a lower spread, the commission for opening and closing positions is higher than that paid for the spreads and, in general, we end up with a lower profit.

Our recommendation is that you do so. The bot is active 24/5 (on weekends and some holidays the market is closed). That is why Metatrader is required to be online at all times with the bot running. By using a VPS we avoid a power outage or an automatic update of your system, leaving the bot down, which could be risky for trading.

We are using the Contabo VPS and so far, we have not had any problems.

The architecture of Ducibus Pro requires a higher CPU consumption than other Expert Advisors and the consumption depends on the configuration of the number of MetaTrader 4 instances you intend to use at the same time (one for each account number you are using).

The most basic configuration of a VPS to run Ducibus Pro requires at least 1 CPU and 1Gb of RAM, although it is a very tight configuration and it is preferable to go to something a little higher.

For example, in a Contabo Basic VPS with Windows Server 2012R2 or Windows Server 2019 operating system.

This VPS offers you, for 10€/month, the computing power of 4 CPUs and 8GB of RAM, more than enough for put several MetaTrader 4 to work with Ducibus Pro.


To give you an idea, with a VPS with 1 CPU and 1Gb of RAM (usually the most basic), it gives you enough power for a MetaTrader 4 with 3 pairs trading with Ducibus Pro.

Open the task manager of the VPS and check that the CPU consumption remains at a constant average of no more than 80% (although there may be peaks of more without problems). If this average consumption is higher, it is time to change VPS to a superior one such as the Contabo VPS we use.

10/month would be the price to pay for having a bot with so much control and so much instant information in a cloud operating system.

Of course you can. If you have a good internet connection and a stable power connection (you don't lose power every now and then), you can run MetaTrader 4 with Ducibus Pro on any PC you have at hand. But remember, if the power goes out at home or the router fails, your connection will be lost and that could jeopardize the bot's operation.

You can also ensure continuity of power and Internet connection by using a UPS to support your PC and router while the power is back on.

No. But it is more than recommended.

A large part of our developments and research are based on the initiative of our users.

In our open Telegram community @BotvestingSupportIn the Forex Front News and Information channel and in the exclusive private groups for users, you will find a lot of activity and information of interest that will help you not only to use Ducibus Pro, but also to understand the basic principles of the financial markets.

In addition, you will be able to receive immediate answers to any questions you may have. That's why we have our administrators there. Not only they will answer you, but there are also very active users who are always happy to help newcomers.

Another good reason for you to join is that you will be able to share your experience with people who, like you, have a common interest and to achieve it, have decided to make use of our tools.

Still have doubts? Visit our open community of Telegram and take a look or you prefer, ask us to enter in the channels most appropriate for you.

Don't forget that, like any community, there are rules of behavior. You will find them within the group.

Of course, you will also find an exclusive channel for Ducibus Pro users.

And of course, everything is free of charge.

Knowledge does not take up space and a market where we are small fish in an ocean of whales and sharks makes it advisable. We are committed to training ourselves and to participate in the training of the people who use our tools, especially for when difficult times come (which there have been and there will be).

At our YouTube channel you will find many training videos. You can also join the open groups of TelegramYou will be able to solve your doubts in open and private sessions.

You can also follow us at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter y LinkedIn.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact our support to ask us your questions. You can do so via WhatsApp and Telegram by clicking on the floating buttons.

Your questions give us a better understanding of our product and the needs of people like you.

You can also send us your question or concern by e-mail by filling out this form.