We leave you here a small guide of tricks that you can use with Ducibus Pro and that will make your operation much easier.

Hacks, tips & tricks Ducibus Pro

Our list of Hacks, Tips & Tricks


You can leave the cursor on any section of Ducibus Pro for a moment.

A small tooltip will appear indicating the purpose of the parameter, button or space you are in.

The tooltips are worth a little "online manual" but sometimes it may be necessary to pull the "senior manual" and browse the Ducibus Pro manual on the web to understand what we are configuring, so, before you start testing and tinkering like crazy, see if your question is already answered in the Ducibus Pro FAQ.

Installing the default template in MetaTrader 4

If you are going to play around with different pairs and you like the Ducibus Pro template, you can copy it to your MT4 template directory with the name "default.tpl". This way, every time you open a pair window, the Ducibus Pro template will be automatically loaded.

harvesting pips like there's no tomorrow

If you use any of the manual techniques that we usually use with Ducibus Pro, remember that from the GLOBAL tab, you can not only see the status of your trades, but you can also close any of them and open new martingales wherever you want.

A simple combination of keystrokes and mouse click on the operation of the desired pair/leader is enough:
CTRL + CLICK -> Close operation
ALT + CLICK -> Open operation

To remember the combination you can remember C for CTRL is CLOSE and A for ALT is OPEN.

Paint and color!


Be patient, little Padawan

Each pair that we add to MetaTrader needs an initialization and exit time, so when there are several pairs, the start and close of MetaTrader will take a few seconds.

Don't use the "eager to add or remove pairs" technique because it is imperative to wait for each instance of Ducibus Pro to finish its internal processes.

Why do you think we have made a fabulous animation of our logo appear when Ducibus Pro starts up? Exactly. We needed time for your warlords to prepare for war.

Results in percentages

If you click on any of the parameters FLOAT, PROFIT TODAY or REDUCTION, Ducibus Pro will show you the amount in percentage, and will also show in percentage the FLOAT that all your leaders have at that moment.

Saves CPU cycles

If you have overloaded your VPS, keep in mind that Ducibus Pro consumes more CPU than other Expert Advisors, so this trick may be of interest to you.

Although you might want to consider switch to a good VPSFor the time being, you can minimize the Ducibus Pro panel at any time to get those extra CPU cycles that your VPS does not give you.

To save CPU, we have made the Ducibus Pro panel minimize when no one is touching it.

If you want the panel to be visible again, just move the mouse a little or press any key. Ducibus Pro will come back to life so that you can lead its warlords.

Use any configuration in other pairs

The load configuration button allows you to load the configuration of any open pair where there is a Ducibus, since the bot constantly saves its status. So if you want to put several pairs with the same configuration, just set everything in a pair and then from the other Ducibus Pro, load the file that begins with the name of that source pair.

Where do you find them? Navigate to the MQL4->Presets folder of your MetaTrader 4. There you will find the sets you need.

If you don't know where this folder is, open the MetaTrader 4 data folder as shown in the screenshot (File menu->Open data folder), there you have the path to the loaded presets.

If you are one of those who uses the strategy tester

This trick is for optimization strategies only, so only very pro users should use it.

This is not what we recommend, but you can also use a .set file to change the Ducibus Pro parameters. To do this, we load the .set file in the "old" (smiley face) form.

Before hitting the "OK" button, we must press the CTRL key and hold it down until the Captain's name appears and reappears.

On the next tick, the panel parameters will be updated, so you will have to wait until then to check that everything is as it should be.

smiley face MetaTrader 4

Do you have any other hack, tip or trick you want to tell us about?