Once you have your active Ducibus Pro license, you will have to choose whether to install it on your PC or on a VPS.

Before that, you have the MT4 platform up and running and properly installed, you just need to install Ducibus Bot on your VPS. In our case, we prefer to use VPS. Here we tell you why.

Installing a robot or expert advisor is a simple process, but we will explain it in detail.

If you want, you can take a look at this video tutorial where David Sanchez explains the whole process in a very simple way.

As he explained to us -and if you have not seen it, we write it here-, in just 2 minutes for the fastest ones or 5 for those who take their time, you will be able to have your Ducibus Pro running on your PC.

If you are a reader, take note. We are going to explain it in detail.

In this article you will learn...

Ducibus Pro can be downloaded and installed for any demo account of any broker. However, we recommend that if you are going to put it on demo, you do it with a RoboForex account. We recommend RoboForex-DemoPro as it is the closest to a real Pro Cent account that we usually use.

If you plan to use it later in real, don't wait any longer and register with our trusted broker. Just navigate by clicking on the banner.

In order to install the bot, the first thing to do is to an account (no matter which broker).

Register on our website and log in

It's a must-do step, so you can do it right here if you haven't already.

Validate your trading account

Whether you are going to use Ducibus Pro on a live or demo account, you must validate the account so that our system can authorize you to use Ducibus Pro.

To do so, you will have to navigate in the menu to your user menu and there to the Ducibus Pro Download and Activation menu. It's easy, you can't miss it!

Follow the on-screen instructions to validate the demo or live account.

Important: In the name and surname, it is NECESSARY to put the accurate information associated with your demo or real trading account. Remember not to use accents.

Download the trading robot

Now you only have to unzip the contents of the file in the MT4 data folder (MetaTrader4 Menu->File->Open data folder. Don't worry, in David's video it is well explained how to do it and if not, here you have a video summary.

Load the Ducibuspro_template (right click on the graphic->template->Ducibuspro_template). This is not essential. You can use Ducibus Pro with the template you want or without it, but it is a fast way to load everything and also, you have to recognize that our template is very cool.

If everything went well, Ducibus Pro will load your control panel, remotely check if you are authorized to operate and in a few seconds, you are ready for anything.

If when you start Ducibus Pro you get a red message in its lower panel, check the FAQ because there is something you have not done right....

You can also leave your doubts and observations here, although the best thing to do is to join us at our Telegram community.